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Middle and Back Office Solutions

Institutional and Asset Managers

In recent years, the administrative workload of Asset Managers has dramatically increased due in part to the constant evolution of regulations.

Being a financial service provider with a strong track record, EFA can assist Asset Managers by acting as their Middle and Back Office, thus enabling them to focus all their capabilities on bringing added value to their clients.

EFA offers a Middle and Back Office range of services that can be tailored to the size and needs of Asset Managers and Institutional Investors.

Example of solution for an Asset Manager

EFA offers a comprehensive trade management service including trade capture, matching, sending of settlement instructions and monitoring.

Asset Managers wishing to focus on their core activity can rely on EFA to take care of their trade management activity. In addition to its in-house matching solutions, EFA uses the DTCC-CTM platform and is connected to a large community of brokers and custodian banks.

EFA provides Asset Managers with transaction and portfolio files to enable them to build an up-to-date investment book of records and determine available cash and cash forecasts.

EFA develops more and more tailor-made services designed for Asset Managers wishing to outsource middle and back office activities.

Main Services

Middle Office & Back Office services

  • Trade Management
  • Complex security pricing
  • Collateral Valuation & Monitoring
  • Cash & non-cash Reconciliation
  • Securities database maintenance
  • Performance analysis
  • Portfolio valuation
  • More information...


Regulatory solutions