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A front-to-back solution for YOU.

Designed for wealth managers, family offices, private banks, asset managers and asset owners, efa’s front-, middle-, and back-office solutions optimise your portfolio management operations by automating your investment, order creation, trade management, and compliance processes.

efa’s front-to-back solution turns the operational challenges of being multi-custodian, multi-broker, multi-asset and multi-advisor into growth opportunities for your business.

Our solutions are flexible, scalable, compliant, and cost-effective.

Increase flexibility in terms of trade execution flows (brokerage and custodian banks connectivity) and operate in compliance with ever evolving laws and regulations such as MiFID.

Front Office

Portfolio Management System including the latest features to facilitate investment decision process through simulation tools, advanced performance and risk analysis and control of adequacy of investments with the client’s profile. Our solution enables full compliance of the investment process including control of regulatory and discretionary investment restrictions. You benefit from a continuous feed of data on securities, transactions, positions and cash for efficient day-to-day management and close supervision of your portfolios.

Order Management System for a seamless generation of your trades and the close monitoring of their execution with your brokers with appropriate safeguards and controls. The system includes many functionalities such as pre-trade conformity checks; block trades management, automatic trading, portfolio rebalancing and an efficient control and validation framework. The user management system enables you to define different user profiles, roles and validation workflows.

Middle Office

  • Security and pricing data controlled and managed by efa’s team of experts
  • Trade management services including pre-matching of trades with broker’s confirmation, sending of settlement instructions to the custodian banks, monitoring of settlement process and prompt resolution of un-matched trades
  • Corporate actions monitoring and update of tradable quantities
  • Production of MiFID reporting

Back Office

  • Reconciliation with custodian banks
  • Full transaction based accounting records
  • Fee accruals, reporting and payment
  • Flexible solution using either custodian bank prices or independently selected prices
  • Quality-controlled valuation reports
  • Consolidated reporting
  • Costs and charges reports
  • Post-valuation Investment Compliance Reporting
  • Risk & performance analysis
  • Full set of Regulatory reporting
  • Client reporting

Easy and Safe !

Turnkey solution with no installation required on your side. We offer a fully hosted and data managed Portfolio Management and Order Management System

efa acts as a central hub and takes care of the connectivity to brokers and custodian banks (Swift, Fix protocol, Interface, etc.)

You benefit from the level of IT security and the robustness of a Business Continuity Plan of a Luxembourg regulated investor services professional (PSF)

Modular service and scalable solution

Possibility to combine or subscribe independently to our front-, middle- and back-office solutions.

Contact us to find out what combination is the best for you.


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