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European ESG Template

Date: 20 March 2023

Either as a part of its ESG services where ESG data fields related to Principal Adverse Impacts or EU Taxonomy metrics and measures are filled in by EFA, or as a stand-alone service based on data provided by clients. 

EET files shall be produced for all share classes of your funds. EETs include the ESG target market description of your funds, their ESG characteristics where applicable and all ESG metrics and measures mentioned in the SFDR and EU Taxonomy regulations.

The production will start in June so that all asset managers’ counterparties receive the information on time, considering that investor suitability testing including ESG criteria shall start in early August.
EET files must therefore be disseminated to the distribution network of your funds before that date. efa can also support you for the dissemination of EETs. 

For more information on this efa service and the applicable commercial terms, contact us !