Fund Services for Nordic Asset Managers

efa is the perfect partner for the Nordic Fund Industry

Since over 15 years EFA supports Nordic Asset Managers and provides a full range of services, this emphasizes our continued commitment to the region and is a natural next step in our journey to become the leading platform for investor services platform in the Nordics.

We are excited to open our new Nordic office based in Stockholm.

EFA's clients include some of the most prestigious Nordic Asset Managers. We offer them fund administration, transfer agency services and regulatory solutions for both their Swedish domestic funds and Luxembourg domiciled funds, in addition to front, middle and back office services for the segregated mandates they manage.

The Fund industry in the Nordics is well-known for its very high standards when it comes to sustainable matters, performance and governance.

Nordic Asset Managers are innovative and enterprising when it comes to launching new products, adopting new regulations such as SFDR and distributing nationally, intra Nordic and wider throughout Europe their products.

That is where EFA steps in. As a committed long-term partner, it is our mission to enable our clients to focus on what matters in their business. We do this by taking care of their administration and supporting governance with reporting.

Our experts are already out there, serving our Nordic clients, easing their day-to-day operations, finding solutions to industry challenges, helping them build strong governance, reduce costs or increase their distribution reach.

EFA offers a wide tool box of services and modular solutions, from front to middle and back-office supporting multi share class, multi- currencies, multi-assets, multi-valuation, multi-broker, multi-custodian models to serve demanding institutional investor or mass retail distribution.- This service can be combined with swing pricing capabilities , pooling scheme and a full set of the regulatory solutions. All of our services, such as Front office services, Middle-offices, Fund accounting or Transfer can be offered independently to best accommodate your current set-up and needs.

Why choose EFA as a partner ?

efa efficiently handles multiple share-classes, multiple currencies, as well as all types of hedged share-classes. In a multi-manager setting efa administers their various flows in the fund and facilitates asset-pooling allowing for more efficient management.

In turbulent market times, EFA has proven robust when it comes to valuing tradeable securities. This is an integral part of our NAV production and Fund Accounting service.

efa offers fully hosted front office systems to allow Asset Managers to optimise their portfolio management operations, increase flexibility in terms of trade execution flows (brokerage and custodian banks connectivity) and operate in compliance with ever evolving laws and regulations such as MiFID.

efa enables its clients to outsource their middle office activities. EFA centralised trade management platform fully integrated with DTCC-CTM solution is pre-connected to a large community of brokers. EFA overlays this with trade management services, performing trade matching, sending of settlement instructions via SWIFT and subsequently monitors trade settlement. On top of reducing the operational risk of settlement failure, efa compiles and manages essential transactional data to help the Asset Manager build and maintain its the Investment book of records.

efa supports the climate related engagement of its clients by providing ESG services enabling an independent assessment of fund portfolios in terms of sustainability, and ongoing monitoring of the ESG risk profile of their funds as well as delivering a regulatory reporting solution in relation to SFDR and the EU Taxonomy.

Whether it concerns private equity, real estate, debt or any other type of private assets, you can rely upon our Private Asset Services team to support your business in venture capital, leveraged buyout, infrastructure debt, SME lending, mezzanine debt, fund of funds or in other strategies.

EFA’s ability to report hands you the tools to soundly manage your business. Ranging from administration performance reports, to providing reports on FATCA/CRS, Risk and ESG (SFDR), Liquidity Stress Testing, we comprehensively deliver the Management Company the support needed.

EFA supports your distribution.

  • EFA’s data and documents supports asset managers to reach investors in full compliance with their local and EU rules (KID, EPT, EMT, EET and other  regulatory reporting).
  • EFA, as an independent institutional asset administrator, has developed connectivity with over 1,100 distributors and platforms.
  • EFA support complex distribution chains with complex commission and retrocession calculations.

A sustainable and reliable partner

  • ECOVADIS gold recognition level
  • Signatory of the United Nations Global Compact Initiative
  • Signatory of the UN-supported Principles for Responsible Investment

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