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Front, Middle & Back Office Services

Front-to-back flexible and scalable solutions

efa's traditional back office activities may be complemented by a comprehensive range of front and middle office services.

efa’s front-to-back solution turns the operational challenges of being multi-custodian, multi-broker, multi-asset and multi-advisor into growth opportunities for your business. Our solutions are flexible, scalable, compliant, and cost-effective.

Front Office Services

efa's front office solution is based on a SaaS platform hosted and administered in our premises.

  • Portfolio Management System (PMS) that facilitates investment decision processes,
  • Order Management System (OMS) for a seamless generation of your trades and the close monitoring of their execution with your brokers,
  • Powerful reporting capabilities,
  • Possibility to complement the service with a CRM module.

Middle Office Services

efa's middle office services are agnostic of custodian bank or administrative agent. It is a scalable and modular solution that may be combined with efa's front and back office services.

It is a simple solution to the complexity arising from operating in a multi-custodian / multi-broker models as efa takes care of data flows and data integration with these counterparties. It enables our clients to secure and optimize their post-execution processes (CSDR compliant). Our system produces standardized set of data to ease the maintenance and reconciliation of your IBOR across all your portfolios on an ongoing basis (PBOR service option). Your transactional records are enriched and updated with key data (e.g. corporate actions, transactional status, settlement status).


Pre-matching of trades

Use of a central pre-matching facility (DTCC-CTM) connected to a large universe of brokers.

Trade settlement services

- CSDR compliant
- Real-time status of the settlement process
- Automated connectivity with custodian banks

Portfolio Book of Records

- Near real time position-keeping of securities and cash to benefit from an intraday view on tradable quantities and available cash
- Treatment of corporate actions
- Reconciliations
- Cash projections
- Standardized PBOR data-set to update your PMS several times per day
- Transmission of trade status

Support of a dedicated Quant and middle office team

- Complex valuations
- Corporate actions monitoring
- Cash instructions related to Financial Derivative Instruments

Performance Analysis Services

The measurement of a portfolio performance is a key topic for portfolio managers and management companies. It aims not only to inform about the quality of a portfolio's performance, but also to break it down, analyse it and understand the success factors.

Leveraging on its skilled team of risk and performance analysts, efa proposes a powerful solution to analyse in depth the performance attribution and contribution elements of client's portfolio.

Reconciliation and Cash Monitoring Services for Custodian Banks

efa supports custodian banks in their monitoring obligations.

- reconciliation and cash monitoring

- cash flow monitoring

Inventory of assets

The depositary bank receives a daily list of all assets held by the fund, categorised according to the regulatory guidelines, with an indication of the reconciliation status for each asset.

A view on key events of the previous months concerning reconciliation and cash monitoring is made available to clients using this service.