We are here to bring you solutions, not limitations.

Your Business

As an independent financial services company, efa serves a vast variety of clients such as investment companies, banks, management companies, hedge fund managers, private equity vehicles, insurance companies, pension funds, and family offices.

Whether you require our services for UCITS funds, unit-linked products, private equity funds, real estate funds, hedge funds and funds of hedge funds, portfolio management systems, or domiciliation, you have come to the right place.

You are

Asset Managers

We enable you to dedicate all your resources to optimising performance and building great client relationships while we take care of admin.

Private Assets

Whether it’s private equity, real estate, infrastructure, debt, or any other type of private assets, you can rely on us to support your business in a wide range of sectors including venture capital, leveraged buyouts, infrastructure debt, SME lending, mezzanine debt, fund of funds, and more.

Management Companies - AIFM

We give you the tools to take responsibility for risk management, operational risk, as well as compliance with the regulatory requirements of funds. 

Life Insurance Company

We provide you with a full range of services for unit-linked products covering "Fonds Internes Dédiés" (FID, or “Internal Dedicated Funds”), "Fonds d'Assurance Spécialisés" (FAS, or “Specialised Insurance Funds”), "Fonds Internes Collectifs" (FIC, or “Internal Collective Funds”), as well as the valuation of pools of external funds acquired by the insurance company for their multi-support policies (FEX).

Family Offices & Wealth Management

You support demanding clients in a multi-custodian, multi-broker, and multi-asset class environment. We can help you.

efa and open architecture

We have a unique open-architecture mindset, and we are able to work with your service providers including management companies, depositary banks, and asset managers. We are linked to more than 100 depositary banks.

We are here to bring you solutions, not limitations.

Open architecture