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efa is a specialised financial services company that has been providing comprehensive fund administration and institutional services since its establishment in Luxembourg in 1996. Our range of services has expanded far beyond fund administration, and we are now a market leader in providing tailor-made financial products and services.

efa's services include fund administration, investor services, and regulatory and compliance services. Thanks to our wide range of offerings, efa enjoys central and independent positioning in the fund value chain, connecting all the major players in the industry.

In 2022, Universal Investment Group acquired efa, a sign of the company's success and reputation as a trusted and reliable partner in the financial services industry.

What makes us unique

  • 156.6

    Billions of euro of Assets under Administration

  • 4,927

    funds under administration

  • 169

    Clients from 25 countries

  • 110

    Management companies working with efa

  • 180,167

    NAVs calculated per year

Your business

Asset Managers

Asset Managers

We enable you to dedicate all your resources to the search for performance and great client relationship. You focus on alpha, we take care of admin.

Private Assets

Private Assets

Whether it’s private equity, real estate, infrastructure, debt or any other type of private assets, you can rely upon us to support your business in a range of sectors, including venture capital, leveraged buyout, infrastructure debt, SME lending, mezzanine debt, fund of funds and others.

Management Companies - AIFM

Management Companies - AIFM

We give you the tools to take responsibility for risk management, assume responsibility for operational risk as well as compliance with regulatory requirements of the funds. 

Life Insurance Company

Life Insurance Company

We provide you a full range of services for Unit-linked products covering the "Fonds Internes Dédiés" (FID), the "Fonds d'Assurance Spécialisés" (FAS), the "Fonds Internes Collectifs" (FIC), as well as the valuation of pools of External funds acquired by the insurance company for their multi-support policies (FEX).

Family Offices & Wealth Management

Family Offices & Wealth Management

You support demanding clients in a multi-custodian and multi-asset class environment. We can help you.

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Introducing the new face of efa

We are pleased to announce our rebranding from European Fund Administration (EFA) to efa.

This underlines how proud we are of belonging to the Universal Investment family and our transition to becoming “more than a fund company”.

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Fund Services for Nordic Asset Managers

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Not only do we provide efficient solutions for the present, but we also give investors and asset managers a dependable vision of what the future holds.

Paulo FERNANDES, Chief Commercial Officer, efa

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