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Valuation, Accounting & Financial Reporting

The value of reliable processes

Always get timely and accurate financial information to make informed business decisions and achieve your financial objectives and compliance obligations. 

Accounting & Valuation

  • Multiple structures supported, including: pooled structures, multi-manager structures, master-feeder
  • Multi-share classes, share class hedging
  • Multi-currency, Multi-GAAP
  • Reconciliation of cash and securities
  • NAV file management: electronic archiving and full availability of all accounting documents and data used in NAVs
  • Performance fee calculation, including complex fee computations
  • NAV validation by the management company
  • Collateral accounting and collateral controlling

efa's valuation services are based on solid and strict pricing policies, transparency, independent price sources, monitoring of pricing anomalies, and comprehensive reporting capabilities.


Consolidation Services

efa provides consolidation services in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) or Luxembourg Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (Luxembourg GAAP). efa's team of experienced professionals covers the full consolidation cycle from accounting and data collection to the publication of financial statements.

Corporate Accounting

efa offers corporate accounting services to help businesses effectively manage their financial operations. Our team of experienced accountants offers a range of services including bookkeeping, financial statement preparation, and budgeting. efa understands that every business is unique, so we tailor our services to each client's specific needs.


Tax Support Services

Fund and investor tax services

Our tax services for funds and investors are designed to help investment funds distribute their shares/units to an international investor base. efa calculates and publishes all relevant tax reports and figures in accordance with the requirements of the different tax authorities in the countries where funds are distributed. The reported tax data enables the end investor to file his taxes according to the requirements of his country of tax residence.

VAT support services

Luxembourg investment vehicles are subject to VAT declarations. efa assists their management bodies in preparing and filing the relevant VAT returns.

Complex Valuation Services

efa’s Complex Valuation Services aim at providing fair valuation and independent pricing solutions to clients for OTC, illiquid, and non-independently priced financial instruments.

Our solution is designed to provide a fund’s governing bodies with a fair value calculation or to challenge an existing pricing, depending on how the official portfolio valuation is set up or the ad hoc needs of asset managers.

Financial Reporting

  • Audited annual and semi-annual reports for UCITS, AIFs and, other types of investment vehicles
  • Reporting to national supervisory authorities