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AML & Due Diligence on Investors and Assets

Compliance at the heart of our processes

AML and KYC tasks are part of the daily work of an asset manager or management company / AIFM. efa helps its clients to know the assets they invest in and the investors who enter the investment vehicles.

AML / KYC on investors

Many fund managers are uneasy with their exposure to compliance risks relating to money laundering and other financial crime, because in many cases existing KYC and AML controls are a 'black box' that they must trust to deliver results without being able to verify the methodology they use and the timeliness and completeness of the data they employ.

At efa, we believe that transparency is key. We offer a unique digital service designed to maximise the efficiency of Know-Your-Customer controls and measures to curb money laundering and the financing of terrorism.

AML on Assets

Sanctions compliance is a key concern for investment fund managers as well as for regulators. No matter how small a possible violation of the law may be, it may potentially lead to financial and reputational risks.

efa offers its clients a sanctioned securities screening solution that addresses this issue for investments in listed securities.

This service is typically intended to :

  • Asset managers
  • Management companies / AIFM
  • Depositary banks
  • Insurance companies

wishing to have an ongoing monitoring and reliable sanction assessment of the securities they are invested in or managing in their investment vehicles, or on the assets they have under custody.

Look-through on Assets

Private Asset funds are exposed to various industries, markets, countries, currencies. efa developed look-through services to shed the light on the assets that the fund is invested in.

As part of this services, efa proposes to investment managers of private assets funds ;

  • to collect and maintain a large spectrum of valuable data on direct and indirect investments in which the fund it manages is invested.
  • to produce look-through reports showing granular financial and qualitative data on the fund’s direct and indirect investments.

Register of Beneficial Owners Services

efa is providing services in relation to the RBO for funds and companies either domiciled with efa or for which efa is acting as transfer agent and is maintaining the shareholder register.

Support with the detection of beneficial owners

With the help of data available in efa’s TA and AML database, we support fund governing bodies in determining who their beneficial owners are.

We monitor the ownership of the fund, maintain information on the fund's governing bodies and alert the fund's board to any potential change that may result in changes to the Register of Beneficial Owners.

Filing services

efa files the beneficial owners with the Luxembourg Business  performed upon the entity’s instruction (Board resolution).

Where efa is the domicile of the fund, we keep the information on the beneficial owners at the registered office in accordance with Luxembourg law.