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EFA Life Insurance solution provides a full range of services for Unit-linked insurance products. It covers the "Fonds Internes Dédiés" (FID), the "Fonds d'Assurance Spécialisés" (FAS), the "Fonds Internes Collectifs" (FIC), as well as the valuation of pools of External funds acquired by the insurance company for their multi-support policies (FEX).

EFA's services have been developed to cover specific requirements for insurance vehicle:

  • Securities Database: set-up and maintenance of securities, financial instruments
  • Processing of portfolio transactions and positions keeping
  • Full bookkeeping incl. fees accruals, accrued interest, corporate actions, cash operations
  • Independent portfolio valuation
  • Automated reconciliation with the fund custodian
  • Large range of accounting and valuation reports, easily available through a customisable web portal
  • Set-up of investments compliance Controls (CAA and contractual rules)
  • Automated post-NAV compliance controls according to the investment mandate and regulatory investment restrictions
  • Provision of compliance reports
  • Remote access to EFA'S compliance platform (Neoxam Compliance)
  • CAA (Commissariat aux Assurances) quarterly reporting
  • Solvency II data set (TPT format)
  • PRIIPs data (EPT format)
  • Monitoring of the trade orders books
  • Daily reporting to the Insurer