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IT Solutions

One of EFA's main objectives is to streamline processes and reduce costs throughout the fund operations value chain, by ensuring information flows easily and faultlessly.


EFA's technical infrastructure enables a 100% open platform that is interfaced with a large number of portfolio managers, (prime) brokers, distributors and depositaries / custodian banks. Our model favours a clear separation between administration and portfolio management, distribution, depositary and custodian bank functions.

EFA offers a clear strategic outlook which makes us a reliable provider for the long term. Fund administration is our sole core business. Our scale and business focus allows us to invest to stay at the forefront of functionality and service. Beyond predictability and sustainability, our model stands for innovation and product development in the field of fund administration. Our current investment program is designed to strengthen further our capability in providing high-end value-added services.

With this aim in mind, EFA works on your behalf to create flexible, reliable and automated connections to your own legacy systems and to your third party business partners: investment managers, custodian banks, prime brokers, brokers, distributors, etc...

EFA's technology platforms allow continuous access to transaction, fund accounting and shareholder data. EFA's clients have constant data access, via the Internet, e-mail, FTP or more traditional communication methods.

EFA also uses SWIFT format messages to accommodate electronic interfaces with a wide variety of portfolio management, custody and transfer agency systems.


Softwares selection

Our softwares are carefully selected to bring the best service. Among others, we work with:

  • FIS Investran
  • Fiserv.
  • i-hub
  • Metrosoft
  • Multifonds Global Investor
  • Neoxam GP3 / Compliance module / Loan Module / Impress RE
  • Pythagoras
  • Refinitiv
  • Seqvoia
  • SigmaConso
  • SimCorp Gain Security Master / securities reference data
  • SimCorp Gain Market Data / pricing of portfolios