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    2022 05 EET

    EFA will produce EETs (European ESG Template) for its clients

    Either as a part of its ESG services where ESG data fields related to Principal Adverse Impacts or EU Taxonomy metrics and measures are filled in by EFA, or as a stand-alone service based on data provided by clients.  EET files shall be produced for all share classes of your funds. EETs include the ESG target market description of your funds, their ESG characteristics where applicable and all ESG metrics and measures mentioned in the SFDR and EU Taxonomy regulations. The production will start in June so that all asset managers’ counterparties receive the information on time, considering that investor suitability testing including ESG criteria shall start in early August. EET files must therefore be disseminated to the distribution network of your funds before that date. EFA can also support you for the dissemination of EETs.  Please contact us for more information
    2022 04 Sherpa

    EFA and Sherpa Asset Management

    EFA has been named Central Administration providing the Fund Accounting as well as the Registrar & Transfer Agency services to the Diversified Opportunities Fund managed by Sherpa Asset Management. The private equity strategy of the Fund is focused on longer than conventional value creation periods and more hands-on management of funds and companies via its Direct Investment holdings. Sherpa Asset Management is a Zürich based asset management company providing asset & wealth management services. We are confident that this first collaboration will lead to a successful and lasting partnership. Do you want to talk about EFA can help your projects? Contact us
    2022 04 UI

    EFA (European Fund Administration) rejoint le groupe Universal Investment

    Francfort-sur-le-Main et Luxembourg, le 12 avril 2022. Le groupe Universal Investment et les actionnaires d'European Fund Administration (EFA) - Banque de Luxembourg, Banque et Caisse d'Épargne de l'État, Oddo BHF, Quintet Private Bank (Europe) S.A. - annoncent conjointement aujourd'hui qu'ils ont conclu un accord pour l'acquisition d'EFA par le groupe Universal Investment. La transaction est soumise à l'approbation par l’autorité de supervision financière luxembourgeoise CSSF, et devrait être finalisée au cours du second semestre 2022.   Des avoirs sous administration de plus de 900 milliards d'euros, répartis sur quelques 7 000 fonds d'investissement et mandats de gestion. Un partenariat avec EFA qui constitue une nouvelle étape dans la réalisation de l'ambition de devenir la première plateforme européenne de services aux investisseurs et Super ManCo. Une volonté commune des deux sociétés de développer de manière significative leurs activités entre autres dans les pays nordiques, la France et le Benelux.   Téléchargez le communiqué de presse complet
    2022 04 sfdr

    SFDR RTS adopted by the European Commission

    The European Commission adopted on 6 of April technical standards to be used by financial market participants when disclosing sustainability-related information under SFDR.

    2022 03 Loan Funds

    Loan funds: a growing source of finance for Europe’s economy

    Loan funds are increasingly popular with income investors and with corporate borrowers who struggle to access traditional sources of finance.

    2022 02 CSDR

    EFA's Settlement Monitoring Portal

    Track the settlement process of all your active trades in near real-time and in one place, regardless of broker or custodian?

    2021 11 SFDR L2

    SFDR Level 2 postponed to 2023

    The European Commission is now confirming that the date of application of this delegated act is postponed to 1 January 2023.

    2021 11 June Reim

    EFA et June REIM

    EFA est fière d'avoir été choisie par June REIM pour la gestion administrative et comptable de son nouveau fonds immobilier June Opportunity S.L.P..

    2021 10 AMDG

    EFA et AMDG Private Equity

    EFA est fière d'avoir été choisie par AMDG Private Equity pour la gestion administrative et comptable de son nouveau FPCI Croissance PME 1.

    2021 10 MNK Partners

    EFA et MNK Partners

    EFA est fière d'avoir été choisie par MNKPartners pour la gestion administrative et comptable de son nouveau FPS immobilier Polska by MNK.

    2021 10 esg services

    EFA’s ESG solution

    EFA’s ESG solution, with access to a multi-source set of ESG data, enables the integration of ESG criteria in the investment process in combination with risk and performance analysis.

    2021 10 Connect Pro

    EFA et Connect PRO

    EFA est fière d'avoir été choisie par Connect PRO pour la gestion administrative et comptable de son nouveau fonds de Private Equity FPCI Sud Rebond.

    2021 09 Argenta

    EFA and Argenta Asset Management

    EFA is pleased to have been selected by Argenta Asset Management SA to provide UCITS Risk Reporting and Sanctioned Securities Monitoring Services.

    2021 07 sfdr

    SFDR RTS postponed until 1 July 2022

    EFA can help you integrate and monitor sustainability risks & factors in your investment, risk management processes and assist you with SFDR reporting.

    2021 03 BlueOrchard

    Impact investing. Women empowerment.

    BlueOrchard s'associe à EFA pour leur JAWEF (Japan ASEAN Women Empowerment Fund)