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The new EET v1.1.2 is coming

Date: 23 février 2024

efa helps you stay compliant with SFDR guidelines


At the end of last year, FinDatEx published the latest version of the European ESG Template or EET v1.1.2 which introduces some changes, including additional data fields.

EET files shall still be produced for all share classes of your funds. EETs include the ESG target market description of your funds, their ESG characteristics where applicable and all ESG metrics and measures mentioned in the SFDR and EU Taxonomy regulations.

Still 1 month to go
EETs should be delivered before the end of March at SFDR entity level. efa next production of EET will be compliant with v1.1.2 standards. 

efa is fully ready to support this new version of EET
If you already subscribed to efa's ESG solution, the ESG data fields related to Principal Adverse Impacts or EU Taxonomy metrics and measures are filled in by efa.

If not, you can provide the data and efa will take care of the EET as a stand-alone service.

efa can support you for the dissemination of EETs to the distribution network of your funds.

efa: your SFDR partner

In addition to the production of the EET, efa is offering a comprehensive ESG solution covering the ESG risk integration and monitoring as well as the SFDR and EU Taxonomy regulatory reports.

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