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How to gain access to Venture Capital

Date: 01 mars 2024

The market for Venture Capital (VC) experienced a challenging year.


Rising interest rates and general uncertainty around valuations made it hard for funds to raise capital. In addition, the market is strongly segmented and therefore often not attractive for large investors. Despite these obstacles, there are ways to utilise the potential that is hidden here – with the help of experienced partners.

Opening a new asset class

Asset owners’ interest in Private Capital has been growing steadily over recent years.
Private Equity and Private Debt have become standard building blocks of the portfolios of asset owners such as pension funds, family offices, insurance companies or foundations.

To enhance access to the opportunities of the VC market is thus the logical next step. By implementing VC solutions, investors are able to further diversify their funds, realise interesting returns outside liquid markets and mitigate risks. Strategic investors like big corporates in the tech sector also use it as source to enhance their Research & Development by combining funding with practical cooperation.

The focus on VC as an asset class, however, is also a matter of societal involvement as start-up companies find it increasingly challenging to finance their growth ambitions.
Making VC investments more accessible is therefore essential for the much-needed digital and sustainable transformation of the economy.

The finance industry now faces the challenge to provide structures for making VC accessible to a broader investor base. For this, it is important to take into account the various preferences and risk appetites of investors...

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