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A unique AML digital experience

AML is an extremely important topic and you should be confident that you meet all the requirements of the regulation on both your investors and investments.

Many fund managers are uneasy with their exposure to compliance risks relating to money laundering and other financial crime, because in many cases existing KYC and AML controls rely on manual checks, and because the tools they have at their disposal are in many cases 'black box' systems that they must trust to deliver results without being able to verify the methodology they use and the timeliness and completeness of the data they employ.


At EFA, we believe that our clients should not be left in the dark and we have long realised that purely manual AML and KYC systems are sub-optimal, with patchy records and inefficient practices a source of concern and risk for fund groups of all sizes. We offer a new and unique digital service designed to maximise the efficiency of know-your-customer controls and measures to curb money laundering and the financing of terrorism - and embrace a combination of technology and human expertise that is destined to become the norm for financial institutions in the future.

By integrating a full digital customer due diligence technology into our business, we give you the confidence that you comply fully with AML/KYC laws at all times, bringing even more transparency with on-demand disclosure on your positions.

We also ensure that everyone in their business – retail or institutional investors, compliance or risk officers, fund or management company directors, auditors – receives timely service and reporting to the best market standards.

Our AML/KYC service is designed to make the identification of information gaps substantially easier, significantly reducing the time required for audits, boosting the granularity of information available and simplifying risk-scoring procedures. Our automated screening and risk-scoring features help lower the risk of compliance failures and regulatory sanctions, for example if politically exposed persons have not been thoroughly vetted.

Sanctions compliance is a key concern for investment fund managers as well as for regulators. Every sanctions breach, no matter how small, remains a possible violation of the law potentially leading to financial and reputational risks.

It is extremely challenging for any financial institution to gather the relevant data and to process regular controls on their portfolio to identify securities that are related to a sanctioned entity, activity or a sanctioned beneficial owner.

EFA offers to its clients a sanctioned securities screening solution that solves this challenge for investments in listed securities.

This service is typically intended to :

  • Asset managers
  • Management companies / AIFM
  • Depositary banks
  • Insurance companies

Wanting to have an ongoing monitoring and a reliable sanction assessment

  • on the securities they are invested in or managing in their investment vehicles,
  • or on the assets they have under custody.

We understand that AML is not a subject where you can have doubts. That’s why our AML/KYC processes have been audited against the International Standard on Assurance Engagements (ISAE) 3000 assurance standard. This international standard provides an independent review in relation to the design of a company’s internal processes.

Completing this audit highlights the robustness of our solution, our commitment to quality and gives our clients the assurance that our processes meet the highest standards and address every point of the AML regulations in a comprehensive manner.

Developed by the International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board, ISAE 3000 is one of the most widely recognized standards used by accounting firms to independently assess a company’s report as to its control environment.

Digitalisation and automation is destined to transform what is too often a manual and time-consuming process, and to free up our AML specialists to conduct high added-value tasks such as understanding fund structures better, rather than spend time on standardised, repetitive activities.

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