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Relationship Model Philosophy

Providing a superior client experience is a defining aspect of our philosophy – it is fundamental to everything we do in our business. We believe our client testimonials and consistent client surveys are a testament to the care we take in managing and investing in our client relationships.

As part of the overall value that EFA will deliver to the Client is our comprehensive commitment to client servicing at every level of the relationship and across products.

Close collaboration with our clients provides us with a model that puts their entities and your underlying clients’ needs at the centre of our business and allows us to organise our processes and servicing teams to deliver service excellence and true partnership value.

Our relationship management and client service model:


  • Aligned relationship structure
  • A real dialogue protocol
  • Executive engagement to increase connectivity
  • Formal & structured meetings
  • Prioritisation process
  • Transversal project management
  • Tangible KPI’s per products
  • Defining accountability vs. responsibility internally with the different departments and obtain internal buy-in on how we should operate
  • Profile a “champion deal team” rather than a few individuals
  • Leverage on the client’s organisation to make it successful