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EFA France

EFA France is the French branch of EFA

EFA and EFA France have the same market positioning and business model, offering independent, administrative middle to back-office services for investment vehicles.

Fund types/vehicles

EFA France provides services for:

  • OPCVMs
  • AIF (OPCVMs non coordonnés, OPCVMs de fonds alternatifs, FCPR, FCPI, FIP, FPCI, OPCI,...)
  • Managed accounts
  • Investment companies
  • Unit-linked products

Like EFA Luxembourg, EFA France is an independent and highly specialised services provider, dedicated to administrative services.

EFA France does not provide fund management, custody or prime brokerage. Outsourcing to EFA France therefore involves no conflict of interest vis-à-vis your own business and enables you to concentrate on your core activity.

EFA France is particularly well-adapted to serve France's numerous medium-sized fund companies, due to its attributes of independence, open architecture and tailored IT infrastructure. EFA France's open architecture means we can work with multiple custodians and managers, according to client requirements.

EFA France provides a wide range of services to management companies. All services are adapted to the specific requirements of the French fund industry.

  • Trade management
  • Valuation, bookkeeping and NAV-calculation
  • Client reporting
  • Regulatory reporting (UCITS KIID, PRIIPs KID, AIFMD, solvency, financial reporting...)
  • Risk reporting and performance
  • Legal support and corporate services

EFA France proposes a modular approach that allows the set-up of long, Y or middle-office processes, depending on your operational requirements.

EFA France leverages EFA's existing IT technologies and systems, using a core satellite approach.

EFA France operates an industry-proven, dedicated software solution, Neoxam GP3, incorporating a specific and dedicated environment for French investment vehicles, in a scaleable and technical environment. Your assets are administered on a secure platform with strong controls.

First level business continuity at EFA France is ensured via 3 alternative forms of back up. Second level business continuity is guaranteed by EFA's comprehensive Business Continuity Plan.

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