COVID-19 Update

Last update: 05/12/2022

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, our priorities at EFA remain the health of our employees, clients and partners, and sustaining high-quality services for our clients and their investors.

EFA has received the COVID-19 Assessment Certification by the ASTF (Association pour la Santé au Travail des Secteurs Tertiaire et Financier) for the health and safety measures implemented since March 2020.

You will find below a series of questions concerning EFA’s response to the virus.

This compilation of Questions&Answers will be maintained up-to-date until the situation comes back to normal.


Questions and Answers

On the 12th of March 2020, the World Health Organization declared that the outbreak of a new Coronavirus disease ("COVID-19") had become a pandemic. To preserve our employees’ health and in response to severe public health controls imposed by many states around the world including Luxembourg, France, Belgium and Germany, EFA has adopted then "Social Distancing”.

We have enabled home working for the majority of our staff by reinforcing our technical infrastructure, enhancing our communication tools and teleconference capabilities for seamless client experience and to facilitate staff interaction.

The freed office space allows us to adopt proper “social distancing” measures to protect those who work from our office, in line with the recommendations published by the Luxembourgish authorities. We increased the frequency and extent of cleaning of the workplace, desks, keyboards and phones. The desks used are disinfected daily.


In order to help our employees avoid public transport, we made sure that parking places in the building are available for each of them.

90% of our employees worked from home during the confinement. Employees are gradually returning to the building. A maximum number of people on site is set in order to continue to follow the rules of social distancing. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the number of people authorised to use the building has been regularly reviewed to take into account the evolution of the contamination rate in order to protect our employees as well as possible.

To facilitate high levels of communication allowing to efficiently support and manage the daily work as well as all ongoing projects, EFA has put in place a number of communication tools including audio and video conferencing solutions with internal and external counterparts, including the easy sharing of desktops.

Daily and weekly company-wide internal communication bridges have been created at all levels of the Company to ensure our workforce remains informed and focused on delivering above-standard services to our clients.

We have been able to produce services to normal standards of accuracy and timeliness, even as our clients’ activity and financial market volatility increase.

Our services will remain at normal levels, in compliance with applicable regulations.

All our onboardings will be delivered on time despite current conditions.

You can join your EFA contact using your normal channels.

If you’d like to contact your CSDM or CRM, you can use email or phone.


We expect to maintain these protective measures as long as needed. We follow the guidelines of the government.