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Transfer Agent and Distribution Support Services

EFA is one of the few industry players offering a full range of TA services combined with international fund distribution. Our services are flexible and tailored with a high focus on quality.

  • Services offered to any types of investment vehicles, including UCITS, hedge funds, real estate and private equity funds, following various regulations, industry practices or prospectus requirements
  • For any type of investors: nominees, institutionals, high net worth individuals or large scale retail investors
  • Management of complex financial intermediary networks and set-up of multi-level distribution hierarchies
  • Access to all markets and distribution patterns
  • Open platform with connectivity to multiple banks, counterparts, platforms and intermediaries
  • Innovative, robust and state-of-the-art technology
  • Flexible management of commission and trailer fees
  • Management of equalization factors and series of shares
  • Anti-dilution methods, including anti-dilution levy, bid-ask pricing and swing pricing
  • Savings and withdrawal plans, dividend reinvestment and checks minimum holdings
  • Cash and securities payment/settlement instructions towards depositary banks, cash correspondents and clearing agencies

Targeted to support management companies and all intermediaries to respond to increasing regulatory and tax challenges:

  • Immediate access to main European, Asian and South American markets through pre-defined operating models
  • Ready-to-use interfaces
  • Existing operational partnerships between EFA and local providers, following local standards, best practices and in line with legal obligations
  • Connectivity to a large number of distribution platforms
  • Provide dedicated investment products to adhere with specific practices of home markets (e.g. saving plans, reinvestment plans, specific retail processing of orders)
  • Set-up and maintenance of distribution networks, commission and fee retrocession models, according to distribution and fee agreements as entered into by the management company, the fund and/or its main/sub distributors
  • Calculation of trailer fees and retrocessions according to commission models and distributor hierarchies (up to 10 levels)
  • Production of sales reports, statistics and overviews to the governing bodies of the fund and to distributors
  • Regular legal reporting to local authorities in various distribution countries
  • Customised reporting to investors in different languages, covering specific local requirements or information
  • Access to online information through EFA’s secured internet portal EFAnetTM
  • Personalised client services: the strong experience in the fund industry and the multilingual capacities of our client relationship managers will ensure you the highest level of services

EFA’s service offering allows the fund to minimize its involvement in the complex matter of FATCA and CRS regulations, covering:

  • Fiscal due diligence of pre-existing and new account holders
  • Control of account holders’ eligibility against the fund’s CRS/FATCA status
  • Reporting to tax authorities
  • FATCA sponsoring entity services where EFA will perform on behalf of the sponsored funds, all due diligence, reporting and other requirements that a fund would have to fulfil

Supporting depositary banks in their monitoring obligations

EFA’s reconciliation and cash monitoring services is a solution specifically built to support depositary banks in their effort to fulfil control duties when appointed as depositary for authorised AIFs and UCITS.

Cash flow monitoring

The AIFM Directive and the UCITS V Directive impose a monitoring of the fund’s cash flow on a daily basis to be performed by the depositary bank. EFA provides cash flow monitoring services through the delivery of a comprehensive set of reports enabling to identify on a daily basis all pending cash movements on accounts, which are opened in the name of the fund.

Inventory of assets

The depositary bank receives a daily list of all assets held by the fund, categorised according to the regulatory guidelines, with an indication of the reconciliation status for each asset.

A view on key events of the previous months concerning reconciliation and cash monitoring is made available to clients using this service.