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Sanctioned securities screening

Sanctions compliance is a key concern for investment fund managers as well as for regulators. Every sanctions breach, no matter how small, remains a possible violation of the law potentially leading to financial and reputational risks.
It is extremely challenging for any financial institution to gather the relevant data and to process regular controls on their portfolio to identify securities that are related to a sanctioned entity, activity or a sanctioned beneficial owner.
EFA offers to its clients a sanctioned securities screening solution that solves this challenge for investments in listed securities.

EFA’s sanctioned securities screening solution is intended to :

  • Asset managers,
  • Management companies / AIFMs,
  • Depositary banks,
  • Insurance companies.

The CSSF Circular 18/698 art. 309 reaffirms the obligation for Luxembourg investment fund managers to “apply due diligence measures on the assets of the UCIs it manages”.
The findings of such due diligence obligations shall be published on a yearly basis and submitted to the CSSF.

Depositary banks shall as well ensure, as part of their oversight duties, that funds invest in securities in compliance with applicable laws and regulations as well as in compliance with their articles of incorporation.


  • A turnkey regulatory solution with no installation or development required on your side,
  • Powerful screening engine with updated sanctions lists and comprehensive data on sanctioned companies and individuals,
  • EFA is handling the whole screening and reporting process,
  • Ongoing screening performed after each fund valuation,
  • Complete solution covering all asset managers’ needs including possible pre-trade checks and screening of indirect investments through third party funds,
  • Screening results seamlessly communicated: all controls and alerts are available at a glance.
  • Comprehensive solution enabling informed investment or divestment decisions
  • Cost efficient solution