In this period of lockdown, it is important to keep your business up and running.

EFA is here to help you.

EFA is for example beginning to produce the EMT V3, the new version of the European MiFID Template used to exchange data on fund target markets and costs between fund manufacturers and distributors.

From the calculation of cost data to the collection of target markets and production of the EMT, EFA is making sure to support your distribution efforts in an easy and reliable way.

EFA will continue to produce the EMT V1 until the end of the transition period on 10 December 2020 to ensure distributors get all the information they need, independently of their readiness to accept the new format.

We have adapted our dissemination tool so that our clients can easily choose which version of the document they want to send out and we are in contact with all large data vendors to ensure that the document dissemination chain is running smoothly.

Contact us to find more on EFA’s MiFID data service offer!