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    2023 03 Tygrow

    EFA et Tygrow

    EFA est fière d'avoir été choisie par Tygrow pour les services de gestion administrative et comptable de ses fonds. A ce jour, ce sont quatre fonds regroupant plus de 100 investisseurs (stratégies private equity et immobilière) qui ont été lancés par Tygrow et qui sont valorisés par EFA France. Tygrow est une société de gestion indépendante qui réalise et digitalise la création et la gestion de fonds pour le compte d’initiateurs et d’investisseurs. Nous sommes confiants que cette collaboration avec Tygrow continuera de croitre et ce dans le cadre d’un partenariat performant et durable.    Vous souhaitez en savoir plus ? EFA est là pour vous accompagner dans la création de votre projet. Contactez-nous pour en discuter !
    2022 12 SAQ

    Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ)

    The ESAs published today an updated version of their PRIIPs Q&A for investment funds. Circular CSSF 21/790 introduced new requirements for Investment Fund Managers (IFMs) having investment funds supervised by the CSSF. A Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) must now be completed at each fiscal year-end of a fund. Selected answers from the SAQ will be subject to testing by the fund auditors in a Separate Report, including AML questions. The Circular is applicable since the 30th of June 2022. The governing bodies of the fund are responsible for completing this questionnaire. UCITS have to submit the SAQ via eDesk at the latest 3 months after fiscal year-end, while UCI part II, SIFs and SICAR have 4 months to do so. RAIFs are not in scope of this circular. The SAQ is covering inter alia, themes such as the organisation of the fund, investment compliance, asset valuation, NAV calculation process, expenses and income. The SAQ contains over 700 questions and sub-questions, the answers to which must be duly validated by the fund's governing bodies.  To assist its clients in this critical and time-consuming exercise, EFA has developed a SAQ Support Service. Reports and data are prepared for certain questions of the SAQ enabling our clients to build documented responses in the most efficient manner. For more information on this EFA service and the applicable commercial terms, contact us.
    2022 11 PRIIPs-Q&AV

    PRIIPs Q&A for investment funds

    The ESAs published today an updated version of their PRIIPs Q&A for investment funds. Clarifications include: how to describe a product (actively / passively managed, benchmark, ETFs), the market risk assessment (absolute return and flexible funds) the calculation of performance scenario, use of proxies or benchmarks in the calculation, the publication of monthly performance scenario calculations  how to disclose past performances  disclosure of performances and costs for products with a RHP < 1 year the provision of PRIIPs KIDs the calculation of the summary cost indicators the presentation of costs (performance fees)   Link to the document: ESA EFA produces PRIIPs KIDs for its clients and will analyse and take into account the guidance provided in this Q&A. Contact us for more informations  
    2022 11 UI

    Universal Investment Group completes acquisition of EFA

    Frankfurt am Main/Luxembourg, 9 November 2022. Universal Investment Group is pleased to announce that it has successfully completed the acquisition of Luxembourg-based financial services provider European Fund Administration S.A. (EFA). The agreement for the acquisition was signed in April and has recently been approved by the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF), the Luxembourg financial regulator.   Following regulatory approval by the CSSF, Universal Investment successfully closes the acquisition of EFA EFA joining Universal Investment substantially accelerates the Group’s international expansion Combined assets under administration exceed EUR 900 billion Download the full Press Release
    2022 10 LB-P

    EFA et LB-P Asset Management

    EFA est fière d'avoir été choisie par LB-P Asset Management pour les services de gestion administrative et comptable de ses fonds Euro Immo Scope et Exibail. Euro Immo Scope est un OPCVM qui investit dans des actions de sociétés intervenant dans les différents segments de l’immobilier. Exibail est un OPPCI dont la stratégie d’investissement vise à constituer un patrimoine d’actifs, composé d'immeubles construits ou à construire, en vue d’en optimiser les revenus locatifs et par voie de conséquence la valeur vénale des actifs. Nous sommes confiants que cette collaboration avec LB-P Asset Management débouchera sur un partenariat performant et durable.    Vous souhaitez en savoir plus ? EFA est là pour vous accompagner dans la création de votre projet. Contactez-nous pour en discuter !
    2022 10 EFA France

    New headquarters for EFA France.

    We are pleased to inform you that the head office of EFA France is now located at: 10, avenue Franklin Roosevelt, 75008 Paris. In line with our commitment to strengthen our local expertise by leveraging our teams, our French branch will benefit from an even more dynamic and friendly working space to welcome you in the heart of Paris.   Good to know: The telephone and email addresses of your contacts remain unchanged!
    2022 10 LinkGroup

    Link Fund Solutions Luxembourg selects EFA for Middle Office

    EFA is proud to have been chosen by Link Fund Solutions (Luxembourg) to provide Middle Office services covering Trade management services for transferable securities and for financial derivative instruments. Our Middle Office services are specifically designed for Asset Managers operating in an open-model, (multi-custodian, multi-broker, multi-manager) that seek to implement an efficient and robust post-trade execution processes in line with CSD Regulation.  This block of Middle Office services is part of our Front-to-Back solution. It can be easily combined with Back Office services and a new state-of-the-art Front Office if needed. Download the press release here    
    2022 08 Beauvau Capital

    EFA et Beauvau Capital

    EFA est fière d'avoir été choisie par Beauvau Capital pour la reprise de la gestion administrative et comptable de son OPPCI JEC One. La politique d’investissement du Fonds JEC One, est d’investir principalement dans des actifs commerciaux situés sur le territoire français. Nous sommes confiants que cette collaboration avec Beauvau Capital débouchera sur un partenariat performant et durable. Vous souhaitez en savoir plus ? EFA est là pour vous accompagner dans la création de votre projet. Contactez-nous pour en discuter !  
    2022 07 Sweden

    EFA to open a Nordic Office

    We are excited to announce the opening of EFA’s Nordic office based in Stockholm. After having serviced Nordic Asset Managers for over 15 years, this emphasizes our continued commitment to the region and is a natural next step in our journey to become the leading investor services platform in the Nordics. EFA's clients include some of the most prestigious Nordic Asset Managers. We provide fund administration, transfer agency services and regulatory solutions for both Swedish domestic funds and Luxembourg domiciled funds, in addition to front, middle and back office services for segregated mandates. Download the press release here   Discover here our solutions for Nordic Asset Managers    
    2022 06 SFDR

    Clarifications on the ESAs’ draft RTS under SFDR

    Not a day without a new publication on SFDR! Some clarifications on the ESAs’ draft RTS under SFDR were published yesterday.

    2022 06 ESMA Briefing

    Regulatory Watch: ESMA Briefing

    Regulatory Watch: ESMA issued a very useful supervisory briefing on Sustainability risks and disclosures in the area of investment management.

    2022 05 EET

    EFA will produce EETs (European ESG Template) for its clients

    Either as a part of its ESG services where ESG data fields related to Principal Adverse Impacts or EU Taxonomy metrics and measures are filled in by EFA, or as a stand-alone service based on data provided by clients.  EET files shall be produced for all share classes of your funds. EETs include the ESG target market description of your funds, their ESG characteristics where applicable and all ESG metrics and measures mentioned in the SFDR and EU Taxonomy regulations. The production will start in June so that all asset managers’ counterparties receive the information on time, considering that investor suitability testing including ESG criteria shall start in early August. EET files must therefore be disseminated to the distribution network of your funds before that date. EFA can also support you for the dissemination of EETs.  Please contact us for more information
    2022 04 Sherpa

    EFA and Sherpa Asset Management

    EFA has been named Central Administration providing the Fund Accounting as well as the Registrar & Transfer Agency services to the Diversified Opportunities Fund managed by Sherpa Asset Management. The private equity strategy of the Fund is focused on longer than conventional value creation periods and more hands-on management of funds and companies via its Direct Investment holdings. Sherpa Asset Management is a Zürich based asset management company providing asset & wealth management services. We are confident that this first collaboration will lead to a successful and lasting partnership. Do you want to talk about EFA can help your projects? Contact us
    2022 04 UI

    European Fund Administration to become a member of Universal Investment Group

    Frankfurt/Main and Luxembourg, April 12, 2022. Universal Investment Group and the shareholders of European Fund Administration (EFA) – Banque de Luxembourg, Banque et Caisse d'Épargne de l'État, Oddo BHF, Quintet Private Bank (Europe) S.A. – today jointly announce that they have entered into an agreement for the acquisition of EFA by Universal Investment Group. The transaction is subject to regulatory clearance by the Luxembourg financial authority CSSF and is expected to be completed in the second half of 2022.   Combined assets under administration of more than EUR 900 billion in over 7,000 investment funds and segregated mandates Partnering with EFA is another milestone to reach the ambition of becoming the leading European investor services platform and Super ManCo Jointly, both companies want to significantly develop geographical regions like the Nordics, France and Benelux. Download the full Press Release
    2022 04 sfdr

    SFDR RTS adopted by the European Commission

    The European Commission adopted on 6 of April technical standards to be used by financial market participants when disclosing sustainability-related information under SFDR.