Transfer Agency

European Fund Administration's Transfer Agency service provides timely and accurate recordkeeping and distribution support for your fund business.

Using a multi currency and multi lingual system, EFA's TA services support Global distribution for both retail and institutional investors

EFA understands your requirement to implement unique product features in a timely manner.

EFA therefore designed flexible and customisable TA solutions, available via a variety of delivery options.


Registar and Transfer Agency

EFA performs core registrar services with accuracy and full respect for investor confidentiality. Registrar services include:

  • Record keeping and account administration
  • Processing of subscriptions, redemptions, switches and transfers
  • Controls and assistance with complying with international anti-money laundering regulations –   visit Compliance and Risk Management for details
  • Global order desk to channel orders from multiple jurisdictions
  • FATCA/CRS services

Open Architecture

EFA's transfer agency solution is designed to share data and achieve efficient communication with non-transfer agency applications.

To minimise failed trades and maximise efficiency for our clients, EFA communicates with multiple intermediaries between the TA and the wider distribution chain:

  • STP platforms: FundServ, Vestima+ , Fundsettle
  • Fund supermarkets: e.g. Allfunds - and other distributors
  • Fund administrators' accounting systems (for NAV loading)

EFA can receive and communicate trade data via multiple channels:

  • Customised interfaces with fund sponsors or designated parties
  • SWIFT, fax, email, file transfers and Internet

Distribution Support

EFA supports the fund distribution model appropriate for your fund type, country, or region of distribution, for example:

  • Multi-channel and 3rd party distribution
  • Complex distribution networks with up to 10 levels of hierarchy
  • Local distribution patterns (e.g. automated savings plan)


EFA ensures clients can remunerate their distribution network with appropriate fee computation, payment and reporting.

  • Automated calculation of fees and commissions
  • Clients can define fee rates by distribution hierarchy level and by intermediary
  • Front and back end fees, CDSC, trailer fees and equalisation supported

Settlement, Cash Management and Reconciliation

To ensure timely payment, management of outstanding payments and the correct settlement path, EFA provides a number of specific services, including:

  • Grouping/ungrouping plus netting/un-netting of cash payments
  • Automated management of multiple payment flows by client type, country, transaction type, distributor, ...
  • Grouped or cascaded reconciliation of intermediary accounts
  • Cash and transaction matching before executing (non-credit allowed) retail orders
  • Tracking of effective cash settlement dates and management of interest claims for (credit allowed) retail orders
  • Direct debits and management of rejected instructions

Customer Service

Working in parallel with EFA's Client Relationship Management Team, EFA's experienced TA Customer Service and Quality Management team are available to manage queries arising from client's distribution network, investors, or from any actors involved in the fund's register and transfer agent activity.



EFA produces and distributes a wide range of TA & registrar reports for investors (shareholders), distributors, fund groups and regulators, as appropriate.

For an overview of EFA's full range of report and delivery options, visit EFA's Transfer Agency reporting page.


Corporate action events

EFA processes dividend distributions as well as managing the effects of splits and mergers.

Visit Accounting: Corporate Actions for information on how events are treated in EFA's accounting system.