Investment compliance services

Investment Compliance services is a complete solution developed by EFA to help Fund Compliance Officers control and monitor investment restrictions defined in the regulations and the prospectuses.



Bearer shares – Helping our clients comply with the regulation

Since August 2014, every unit or share issued, or to be issued, in bearer form, including investment funds, must be deposited with a professional depositary.
EFA has then launched a new service whereby it acts as depositary and maintains the register of holders of bearer shares.



Operational risk reports

Our Management Information Summary (MIS) and Key Risk and Performance Indicators (KRI/KPI) reports allow the governing bodies of a fund to supervise the delegation of activities and monitor the operational risks of the fund on an on-going basis, as required by AIFM and UCITS IV directives.



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Who are we?

EFA is an independent and highly specialised company offering a complete range of innovative services, delivered with a personal touch, to the most exacting clients in the global fund industry.

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