European Fund Administration S.A. – France

European Fund Administration S.A. – France (EFA S.A. – France) is the French branch of EFA S.A.

EFA S.A. and EFA S.A. – France have the same market positioning and business model, offering independent, administrative middle to back-office services for investment vehicles.

Fund types/vehicles

EFA S.A. - France provides services for:

  • OPCVMs
  • AIF (OPCVMs non coordonnés, OPCVMs de fonds alternatifs, FCPR, FCPI, FIP, FPCI, OPCI,...)
  • Managed accounts
  • Investment companies
  • Unit-linked products


Like EFA Luxembourg, EFA S.A. - France is an independent and highly specialised services provider, dedicated to administrative services.

EFA S.A. - France does not provide fund management, custody or prime brokerage. Outsourcing to EFA S.A. - France therefore involves no conflict of interest vis-à-vis your own business and frees you to concentrate on your core activity.

EFA S.A. - France is particularly well-adapted to serve France's numerous medium-sized fund companies, due to its attributes of independence, open architecture and tailored IT infrastructure. EFA S.A. - France's open architecture means we can work with multiple custodians and managers, according to client requirements.


EFA S.A. – France Services

EFA France provides a wide range of services to management companies. All services are adapted to the specific requirements of the French fund industry.

  • Trade management
  • Valuation, bookkeeping and NAV-calculation
  • Client reporting
  • Regulatory reporting (KIID, AIFMD, solvency, annual reports,...)
  • Risk reporting and performance
  • Legal support and corporate services

EFA S.A. - France proposes a modular approach that allows the set-up of long, Y or middle-office processes, depending on your operational requirements.


EFA S.A. – France Systems

EFA S.A. – France leverages EFA's existing IT technologies and systems, using a core satellite approach.

Dedicated Environment

EFA S.A. – France operates an industry-proven, dedicated software solution, Sungard Global Portfolio GPIII, incorporating a specific and dedicated environment for French investment vehicles, in a scaleable and technical environment. Your assets are administered on a secure platform with strong controls.


First level business continuity at EFA S.A. – France is ensured via 3 alternative forms of back up. Second level business continuity is guaranteed by EFA's comprehensive Business Continuity Plan.